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About Kate

Resident Since: 2003 (Founder)

I create for...

  • The Sims
  • The Sims 2
  • The Sims 3
  • The Sims 4
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  • Creative
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  • Geek
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    To install these items please see the following topic:

  • Adding Downloads To Your Game
  • If you have problems installing or using custom content please see these external links for futher information:

  • Sims Wiki: Installing Custom Content
  • Sims Wiki: Technical & Graphics Issues
  • File Types

    There are a number of different file types for The Sims 4 custom content, you'll need to place them in the correct folder so they will show up:

    Recolors, Walls & Floors

  • .package (Mods)
  • Lots & Sims

  • .trayitem (Tray)
  • .blueprint (Tray)
  • .bpi (Tray)

  • Update: March 31st 2016

    I have updated with 5 new items in Sims 4 Walls and Floors

    Update: March 26th 2016

    I have updated with Gala Gardens in Sims 4 Houses

    Update: March 25th 2016

    I have updated with Sandy Villa in Sims 4 Houses

    Update: March 25th 2016

    I have updated with Witch Way Estate in Sims 4 Houses

    News: March 13th 2016

    Having acquired the game recently as a gift from a thoughtful visitor I was extremely determined to be wrong about The Sims 4. It has been patched a lot over the past year and a bit since it was released. These patches have added a number of previously conspicuously absent items, but none of these things can address the fundamental problem that the game might have been reasonable if only The Sims 3 had never been made.

    From the point of view of making custom content it's good news that the game feels very small and claustrophobic. Unlike The Sims 3, which inevitably sucks me in to hours of game play if I so much as go in to test a pattern, I found I was quickly irritated by the user-interface and bored by the actual game. Obviously this is good news because it means I will save much time which I can spend on other things, and it will also likely save me some money too since so far none of the DLC packs hold any particular interest either.

    Update: March 10th 2016

    I have updated with 50 new items in Sims 4 Walls and Floors

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