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Terms & Conditions for Sims 1 Content

The following covers the terms and conditions for re-using our Sims 1 content, including publishing our content as part of your own Sims creations.

Sims 1 Objects

The following policies apply to the sharing of Parsimonious Sims 1 Objects:

  • Objects can be cloned for recoloring
  • Credit is NOT required*
  • You MAY reuse the object graphics to create a modified (hacked) version but it must NOT override our original
  • This policy was updated August 2008. For any site who uploaded a clone/recolor prior to this date credit is required until such time there is cause for the zip to be updated or moved to a different URL at which time this policy described above applies.

    Sims 1 Fashion

    The following policies apply to the sharing of Parsimonious Sims 1 Fashion - that is clothing and heads:

  • You CAN publish buyable conversions of our clothing textures
  • You CAN use our head and clothing textures for NPC skins
  • You CAN publish mesh conversions of our clothing & head textures (i.e associating the texture with a different mesh)
  • You CAN publish recolors of our textures
  • Credit is NOT required for any of the above, however you are responsible for ensuring that the associated meshes are distributable and meeting any terms set by the mesh artist if you wish to include them
  • Please be aware that most of the sites who's meshes we've used are dead and gone, some are still online, but almost all have been abandoned by their owners. Nevertheless, their policies over the re-use of their artwork still applies and you are responsible for checking and complying if you choose to also include the meshes we've used in your creations.

    In cases where the site no longer exists it is probably safe to assume the mesh is distributable, and in general it is probably better you include it with your item than link to us as a form of mesh 'repository' but we will not take any action against a site that chooses to link directly to particular pages on our site for this purpose.

    Sims 1 Walls & Floors

    The following policies apply to the sharing of Parsimonious Sims 1 Walls & Floors:

  • You CAN include our walls and floors with a house you are sharing online
  • Credit to Parsimonious is NOT required
  • You CAN recolor our walls, floors & terrains - credit is also NOT required
  • If you want to re-use our items in a way which is not normally allowed or you require a clarification on our policies please email us to request permission or for more information.

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