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Frequently Asked Questions: Sims 1

The following list (in order) the most commonly asked questions we receive from visitors about The Sims 1

How Do I Download Stuff Into My Game?

It is a 3 step process getting files from the website into your Sims game:

  • Click on the preview photo of the item you want to save it to your computer
  • Open the zip you've downloaded
  • Install it in your game following the instructions available
  • To get started please see this topic:

  • How To Download
  • My Downloads Aren't Showing Up

    This often happens because you have missed a step in installing your downloads, such as putting them in the wrong folder, please double-check the instructions:

  • Sims 1 Instructions: Adding Downloads To Your Game
  • Will There Be More Updates For The Sims 1?

    Yes - probably.

    Can I Recolor/Clone Your Creations?

    Yes you can - please see the following topics which cover our Terms & Conditions for re-using our content:

  • General Terms & Conditions for Using Our Creations
  • Terms & Conditions for Using Our Sims 1 Creations
  • How Do I Make My Own Custom Content?

    You can find a very general advice topic on this subject at the link below, however do please be aware that it is NOT the purpose of this site to provide teaching:

  • About Making Your Own Custom Content
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