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These files should be unzipped and placed in your The Sims 4\Mods folder. Please see the following topic:

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  • Walls

    'Wall Size' indicates how wide the pattern shown is in terms of sections of wall. A wall that is 3x1 wide occupies 3 wall sections. All walls include necessary adjustments for the 3 different wall heights. The preview shown is the short wall version.


    'Floor Size' indicates how many whole tiles the pattern shown occupies. A floor which has a tile size of 2x2 will require 4 whole tiles for the pattern shown.


    Each file lists the number of recolors that are included. If there are a lot of recolors then not all recolors may be previewed, however there is always only ever one file.

    Contains 8 Recolors ~ Wall Size: 2 x 1
    Tiled Wall
    Contains 13 Recolors ~ Wall Size: 2 x 1
    Paint Wall
    Contains 14 Recolors ~ Wall Size: 1 x 1
    Roof Texture
    Contains 14 Recolors
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